Massage Wilmington.

Massage Wilmington


We have been serving Wilmington since 2000 and we continue today to bring you the very best in spa care with our commitment to the continuing education of our staff and bringing the latest skincare technologies, services and products available. We are open Tues. through Fri., 10-6 and Saturday, 10-5



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We are an owner occupied mom & pop
One or both of our owners are almost always working at the spa alongside our great staff. We are a small family business and we have been face to face with our customers daily for over 12 years, performing many of the services offered at Prima.

From the ground up

We built our business from the ground up... literally. From the mosaic to the fountain walls to the bamboo floor, Prima was painstakingly and lovingly crafted by us with the vision of a special place for our special customers in mind.

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