Wilmington Massage.

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Wilmington Massage Prima

Prima offer all types of massage

Customize your massage experience at Prima, where you can choose form swedish, deep tissue, pre-natal, sports therapy massage, hot stone and more.


Never had a massage? Swedish is probably the most common form of massage. Less pressure is applied than deep tissue. While swedish massage is still considered to be of great therapeutic value, it is definite a more relaxing massage form. read more...


Deep Tissue

Next to the Swedish massage, deep tissue massages are one of the most common types of massages performed—they tend to involve a higher application of pressure than Swedish massages.
By zeroing in on the deeper layers of muscles, tissue, tendons... more

Couples massage

Bring your spouse or loved one and enjoy the magical and sensuous experience of being massaged as a couple, in the same room at the same time. Valentines day is a popular time for this so don't forget to reserve your spot now! more...

Hot Stone

Hot stone massage is a sensational treat that is beyond comparison. Hot stone massages can be an effective, soothing treatment. Yet, a good hot stone massage can be hard to find. Make sure the place offering the treatment regularly performs this type of work and the therapist is specially... read more

Prenatal massage

A prenatal massage focuses on reducing swelling and increasing comfort for women during pregnancy.
There are a vast number of techniques used in prenatal massages but generally they involve gentle strokes with fingers, hands and palms. Women are mainly positioned on their side ... read more

Sports Massage

The biggest misconception toward sports massages is that one must play sports in order to benefit from a sports massage. This is simply not true


read more

Aromatherapy Ritual

Two Hour Aromatherapy Ritual (Exfoliating glove treatment, One Hour Massage & Steam Treat) - $115


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